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effects of sleep deprivation

Insomnia may be a risk factor for suicide

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania believe that insomnia and nightmares are significant risk factors for suicidal thoughts and behaviors. In fact, they argue that just being awake at night may be a risk factor for suicide. The study in question involved an archival analysis of the National Violent Death [...]

Why insomnia sufferers make the best liars (without even knowing it)

Sleep deprivation affects the brain in a number of ways. Now it would appear that sleep deprivation can lead to the creation of false memories. Researchers at Michigan State University and the University of California, Irvine asked 104 individuals to look at pictures of a crime being committed. One group [...]

Insomnia sufferers aged 18-34 at higher risk for stroke

I've written before that strokes are one of the most serious consequences of chronic insomnia. Another study has now confirmed this link. Researchers in Taiwan reviewed the health records from the national population and compared stroke outcomes over a 4-year followup in over 21,000 patients with insomnia and over 64,000 [...]

Does insomnia make your brain function differently?

Your brain has a strong influence on your sleep - and now a new study suggests that those who claim to have insomnia show differences in brain function compared to healthy sleepers. The study in question looked at 25 people who reported suffering from insomnia and 25 people who claimed [...]

What happens when you don’t get enough sleep?

Sleep is important. Vitally important. It's thought that the ideal sleep duration is between seven and eight hours per night. So what happens when you regularly fail to get enough sleep? Bad things. Here are just a few of them: Those who sleep for less than 6 hours are far [...]

The reason why insomnia damages your health

Insomnia is linked to a whole host of additional health complications: diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even cognitive impairment (and that's just for starters).Now a study has come up with a potential reason why.Researchers measured the blood of volunteers after they'd enjoyed up to ten hours of sleep each night [...]