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employee insomnia

Is the workplace inbox behind your insomnia?

It's no surprise that today's 'always connected' culture is putting pressure on people to be constantly available for work. As a result, more of us are checking our work emails and accessing work documents from home in the evenings and on weekends. A German study has determined that this is [...]

Employers would probably save money by treating employee insomnia

In May 2010 we reported on a Canadian study that found insomnia costs businesses up to $3,556 per employee per year. The province of Quebec alone estimated the cost of insomnia on businesses in Quebec to be $6.6 billion per year. Now a study in the US claims to have [...]

Skipping your lunch break may cause insomnia

Skipping your lunch break may create the illusion that you're a hard worker, but it could have one major repercussion when you get home: insomnia. One in five employees in the United Kingdom said that skipping their lunch break makes them stressed and irritable and research shows that working ten [...]