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The best form of exercise for improving your sleep

We already know the right amount of exercise you need if you want to improve your sleep quality, now we may know what the best form of exercise is for insomnia sufferers. The study in question looked at the effects of aerobic exercise in insomnia sufferers over the age of [...]

Improve your sleep quality by getting the right amount of exercise each week

We already know that exercise can relieve insomnia - and now a new, more encompassing study has reached similar conclusions and gives us some more specific advice. According to researchers at Oregon State University, those who get at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each week sleep significantly [...]

The link between body temperature and insomnia

A discussion in our insomnia help forums has been developing for quite a while now. Basically, one member finds that exercise makes it more difficult for her to fall asleep (even though she is exercising early in the day). Another member finds hot showers just before bed make falling asleep [...]

Cure your insomnia by running, relaxing and remembering

Our aim at Insomnia Land is to offer genuine insomnia advice, support and information; no gimmicks, no hype and no ad dollars influencing our recommendations. On that note, we want to share some insomnia advice from another insomniac. Leo Babauta has had a 'mild-to-medium' case of insomnia for years. He [...]

Get kayaking if you want to cure your insomnia

Karen Parkkonen, a 45 year old woman from Vancouver, OR, took leave from work due to neck and shoulder pain, depression and insomnia. After trying different medications and therapists, Karen purchased a kayak. After paddling two to four times each week, she immediately started to feel better. We know that [...]