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Yoga improves sleep but won’t get rid of those hot flashes

Nearly 2 years ago I wrote about the benefits of yoga for postmenopausal women. A more recent study has confirmed that yoga can improve sleep during menopause, but it also found that yoga is unlikely to alleviate hot flashes. This newer study involved 249 women. Some of them practiced yoga [...]

That leotard you bought in the 80s may help cure your insomnia

Exercise such as yoga can relieve insomnia. Now a new study has found that aerobic exercise helps relieve insomnia and improve mood in middle-aged and older adults. The study was undertaken by Northwestern Medicine. The findings are particularly important as around half the population that fits this demographic report chronic [...]

Boxing – cures insomnia but might make you sore

We love Twitter (please reach out - we'd love to hear from you). To prove that we read a wide variety of tweets, we thought we'd bring this one in particular to your attention. Now, firstly we'd like to remind you that Jessica Simpson is not a doctor - so [...]