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Is your insomnia caused by GMO corn?

From wind farms to electromagnetic energy and even defective drywall, it's well worth investigating your local environment when trying to identify the cause of your insomnia. Regular readers will know how much importance I place on food and a healthy diet when it comes to improving sleep and reducing the [...]

8 of the most common insomnia causes

If you know what causes your insomnia, you can start down the path towards curing your insomnia. Below I've identified eight common insomnia causes (in no particular order) to help you get started. Insomnia cause #1: Medical issues Insomnia is often (but not always) the symptom of an underlying medical [...]

Introducing the kiwifruit: insomnia’s worst nightmare

Food has a huge influence on the quality of our sleep - and studies are finding that fruit in particular may reduce the effects of insomnia. A few years ago I wrote about the emergence of the 'tart cherry juice insomnia cure' - a study (funded by a cherry juice [...]