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health consequences of insomnia

Sleep deprivation makes you more likely to catch a cold

It looks as though we may have another condition to add to the list of health consequences of insomnia: the common cold. A US study took 164 healthy men and women between the ages of 18 to 55 and asked them to record their sleep over the course of a week. [...]

The link between insomnia and high cholesterol

Dyslipidemia (otherwise known as high cholesterol) is a risk factor for a number of conditions, including stroke and heart disease. A recent Chinese study suggests that insomnia is associated with higher rates of dyslipidemia - particularly among women. The study in question involved over 10,000 Chinese adults who were asked [...]

There’s no link between insomnia and high blood pressure after all

A couple of days ago I played down the health consequences of short sleep durations. Now a study has found that there's no link between sleep deprivation and hypertension. It's often thought that insomnia and high blood pressure are linked. This latest study may have debunked that theory. The Canadian [...]

The health risks of getting less than 5 hours of sleep

When it comes to sleep duration, insomnia sufferers often put far too much pressure on themselves to get the mythical 8 hours of sleep. All this does is make sleep harder to come by. Our bodies only really need about 5.5 hours of sleep each night. This is known as [...]

More health consequences of insomnia

A new Scandinavian study has found that insomnia is a risk factor for a number of health conditions. Interestingly, I've covered all of the associated conditions separately on this blog over the past few years - but this serves as further validation. After examining data from studies undertaken over an [...]

The link between insomnia and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Back in November of last year I wrote about a Japanese study that found insomnia sufferers were 56% more likely to be diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) compared to healthy sleepers. Now a study out of Korea has further strengthened this link. The newer study involved 564 individuals with [...]