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Too much sleep is more dangerous than not enough sleep

I've written before about the unnecessary pressure many people put themselves under to get that magical eight hours of sleep.Many of us don't need eight hours of sleep. In fact, one study suggests that the longer we sleep, the higher our risk of death.A UK researcher analyzed 16 studies and [...]

The vicious cycle of insomnia

Many individuals on my free sleep training course for insomnia find sleep difficult because they worry excessively about their sleep. The more they worry about sleep, the more difficult sleep becomes. What may start out as just a few nights of sleeplessness can turn into long-term, chronic insomnia. Before they [...]

Did we just discover the brain’s secret sleep switch?

We cycle between 2 basic sleep states when we sleep; rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM). Non-rapid eye movement sleep includes the deep sleep (or slow-wave) sleep stages. Scientists recently set out to discover whether nerves in our brainstem that are suspected of promoting slow-wave sleep are [...]

Are you a self-fulfilling insomniac?

Insomnia is often a vicious cycle. You go through a patch of bad sleep, so you start to worry about your sleep. The more you worry, the harder it is to sleep. The harder it is for you to sleep, the more you worry. This experience is all too common; [...]

This breathing exercise will help you fall asleep

I am a big fan of meditation and relaxation techniques such as virtual dreaming and breathing exercises when it comes to improving sleep quality. I came across a new breathing technique today that I wanted to share.This is best done when lying in bed and ready for sleep, but you can also [...]

The link between insomnia and nocturia (needing to pee during the night)

A recent study set out to determine how nocturia (the need to get up during the night to urinate) affects sleep in those with insomnia. Researchers analyzed the sleep habits of 55 men with an average age of 64, and 92 women with an average age of 62 over the [...]