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The tropical (and delicious) insomnia cure you’ve been looking for

Food is very important when it comes to sleep quality and sleep health.There are some foods you should avoid and others you should eat more of.Now it would appear there's one more to add to the list of foods we should be consuming more of: passion fruit.According to Carlson Gracie, [...]

Cure your insomnia by following these 10 commandments

Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher, famous for his critical texts on subjects such as morality, science, religion and contemporary culture. He was also an insomniac and often took opium and prescribed himself sedatives in a bid to improve his sleep. What many people don't know is that he also [...]

Introducing the ultimate insomnia cure – a lobotomy

Dr Maisel blames insomnia on our racing minds. That makes sense, since we know that insomnia is often caused and exacerbated by our inability to switch off our brains. Worrying and excessive thinking keeps our brains active at night, making sleep more difficult. Similarly, the more we worry about sleep, [...]

If you’re not asleep after ten minutes, get out of bed

One of the best pieces of insomnia advice we share on this blog is this: If you can't sleep, get out of bed. If you lie in bed and concentrate on trying to fall asleep, you're unlikely to be successful. It's all too easy to lie in bed worrying about the [...]

How to cure insomnia caused by a wandering mind

If you find sleep difficult because you struggle to switch off your brain at night, read on. According to new research, the Default Mode Network (DMN) is a region of the brain responsible for our wandering minds, tension and self-referential thoughts when we're in an inactive state (like trying to [...]

Hope you cope with the day’s events affects the quality of your sleep

New research has found that our sleep quality is affected by the way we process the events of the day. The Belgian study saw 28 participants presented with a negative-failure scenario. Half were asked to address the situation with understanding and acceptance and the other half were asked to address [...]