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how effective are sleeping pills

50% of a sleeping pill’s effectiveness doesn’t come from the sleeping pill

Ah, sleeping pills - how we love to hate you.The fact is, for some of us, they are absolutely necessary - over the short-term.That being said, a new study suggests that as much as half of the effect that comes from taking a sleeping pill doesn't actually come from the [...]

Insomnia: The three most common causes (and the worst way to treat it)

According to a survey by Consumer Reports, the most common cause of insomnia in the United States is work related stress. Health problems lie in second place and financial difficulties are third. Here's where things get more worrying. The survey found that the average sleep problem lasts twelve years. When [...]

Sleeping pills are ineffective for more than 40% of insomniacs

A British study recently discovered that four out of every ten adults who take sleeping pills find them to be ineffective at curing their insomnia. The survey also found that of those who were currently taking sleeping pills, only 10% had a doctor's prescription whilst 20% were self medicating with [...]