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how much sleep do i need

How much sleep do I need?

I speak to a lot of people who struggle with insomnia and other sleep issues. One phrase I hear all too often is: I struggle to get 8 hours of sleep. When I hear this, I usually find sleep issues to be the result of anxiety towards sleep. These individuals [...]

I don’t get much sleep. Do I have insomnia?

Not necessarily. Just as the myth of 8 hours of sleep has been well and truly debunked, it would appear that some of us can live healthy and fulfilling lives with far less sleep than most. In 2009, Californian researchers met a woman who went to bed around midnight and [...]

Too much sleep is more dangerous than not enough sleep

I've written before about the unnecessary pressure many people put themselves under to get that magical eight hours of sleep.Many of us don't need eight hours of sleep. In fact, one study suggests that the longer we sleep, the higher our risk of death.A UK researcher analyzed 16 studies and [...]

How much sleep do you need to cut down those sick days?

I've already written about why insomnia costs employers money (mainly due to an increase in mistakes and workplace injuries). Now it would appear that insomnia could be hitting the pockets of employees, too. A Finnish study found that those who aren't getting the typically recommended 7 to 8 hours of [...]

Is interrupted sleep just as bad as no sleep?

Researchers in Israel recently set out to figure out why interrupted sleep can be just as bad as getting no sleep at all. They found that interrupted sleep patterns lead to reduced cognitive ability, reduced attention spans and bad moods. In fact, the researchers determined that interrupted sleep was about [...]

What happens when you don’t get enough sleep?

Sleep is important. Vitally important. It's thought that the ideal sleep duration is between seven and eight hours per night. So what happens when you regularly fail to get enough sleep? Bad things. Here are just a few of them: Those who sleep for less than 6 hours are far [...]