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Every night you try to fall asleep, you harm your sleep

A lot of insomnia sufferers I talk to have one thing in common — And that's the problem. Sleep is a natural process. As soon as we try to force sleep, we immediately make it more difficult to sleep. This has been confirmed in studies, too. One of them, published [...]

The insomnia treatment that also reduces suicide risk

We already know there's a link between insomnia and military service. Studies have also found a link between nightmares, insomnia and suicide. Now a study has found suicidal thoughts were reduced by 33% in veterans who underwent cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. In fact, researchers found that every seven point [...]

Improve your sleep by returning that fancy Kindle!

Or at least, avoid using it late at night! As I've been saying for years now, using electronics at night is a bad idea. Not only can electronic gadgets be stimulating, but the light they emit can damage sleep. Unfortunately, this advice is continuously ignored, even as more studies come [...]

When insomnia is caused by chronic pain

Unsurprisingly, those living with pain often find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. If your insomnia is caused by chronic pain, you may want try some self-administered shiatsu pressure techniques on your hands. A small pilot study in Canada found that individuals who were taught basic shiatsu techniques [...]

The best insomnia treatment for heart failure patients

In a study involving patients with stable heart failure, researchers discovered that participants were suffering from poor sleep quality and moderate insomnia. Participants were averaging less than 5.5 hours of sleep and had difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. Patients also said they didn't mention their poor sleep to their [...]

An insomnia cure for lung cancer survivors?

Insomnia is already prevalent amongst cancer patients, with many links being made between insomnia and cancer. More recently, researchers have sought to address the prevalence of insomnia amongst lung cancer survivors. Apparently, anywhere from half to as many as 80% of those diagnosed with lung cancer experience severe symptoms of [...]