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Every night you try to fall asleep, you harm your sleep

A lot of insomnia sufferers I talk to have one thing in common — And that's the problem. Sleep is a natural process. As soon as we try to force sleep, we immediately make it more difficult to sleep. This has been confirmed in studies, too. One of them, published [...]

This breathing exercise will help you fall asleep

I am a big fan of meditation and relaxation techniques such as virtual dreaming and breathing exercises when it comes to improving sleep quality. I came across a new breathing technique today that I wanted to share.This is best done when lying in bed and ready for sleep, but you can also [...]

The link between insomnia and nocturia (needing to pee during the night)

A recent study set out to determine how nocturia (the need to get up during the night to urinate) affects sleep in those with insomnia. Researchers analyzed the sleep habits of 55 men with an average age of 64, and 92 women with an average age of 62 over the [...]

The most popular insomnia drugs (and how they work)

I know that many of my readers take at least one type of medication to help them sleep, so I thought I'd put something together about the more popular options and how they affect the body.First, it's important to remember that benzodiazepines (zaleplon/Sonata, zolpidem/Ambien, and eszopiclone/Lunesta) should never be mixed [...]

Cure insomnia by depriving yourself of sleep

There's an interesting article over on ABC news that starts out talking about a traditional session of cognitive behavioral therapy and how it helped one insomnia sufferer. What was more interesting (to me at least) was the latter half of the article that outlined a more radical treatment. Dr Leon [...]

If you’re not asleep after ten minutes, get out of bed

One of the best pieces of insomnia advice we share on this blog is this: If you can't sleep, get out of bed. If you lie in bed and concentrate on trying to fall asleep, you're unlikely to be successful. It's all too easy to lie in bed worrying about the [...]