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The insomnia advice many insomnia sufferers continue to ignore

How many times have I harped on about removing electronics from the bedroom and avoiding gadgets before going to bed? Regardless, it appears that insomnia sufferers aren't heeding this advice. A recent survey found that insomnia sufferers were 30% more likely to spend more than forty hours per week online, [...]

This doctor’s insomnia advice? Stop complaining!

Insomnia sufferers are used to receiving little in the way of sympathy - largely due to the word 'insomnia' being over-used, and the condition being poorly understood. However, we thought it would be reasonable to expect a little more sympathy and understanding from doctors. Unfortunately, this doesn't always prove to [...]

Fight insomnia and improve your sleep in four weeks

There aren't any genuine quick fixes for insomnia - sure, there are sleeping pills, but they aren't the answer over the long term. Other treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy and even meditation or yoga can often prove to be more effective over the long term. Today, we wanted to [...]