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The ultimate insomnia resource

The University of Maryland has put together a fantastic article about insomnia that all insomniacs (and everyone curious about the condition) should read. It details insomnia causes and a whole host of insomnia treatment options, including medications as well as natural insomnia remedies. Here are some of the key points [...]

Insomnia advice from an insomniac

One of the main reasons we started our insomnia help forums was to give insomnia sufferers a place to get genuine information, support and advice from people who know what they're going through - ie, other insomniacs. Therefore, we're particularly excited to share some insomnia advice we found from someone [...]

Make your bed and clean your sheets if you want to cure your insomnia

Back in December 2009, we told you that your chaotic bedroom could be the cause of your insomnia. Now, a survey released by the National Sleep Foundation largely agrees. The survey found that people sleep much better when their bedrooms are comfortable and clean. Those that made their bed every [...]

A British celebrity shares a credible insomnia treatment

We know you just love the celebrity insomnia cures we share, so here's another one for you to finish off the workweek. Nick Bailey, star of the British soap 'EastEnders' tells the Daily Mail that he cured his insomnia by learning how to slow down his heart. After ten years [...]

Improve the quality of your sleep by changing your sleeping position

I recently read an article over at YorktownPatch about a seminar for insomnia sufferers held by chiropractor Dr Chris Warden. It contains some interesting information, but what really caught my eye was the mention that your sleeping position could be affecting the quality of your sleep. Apparently, if you sleep [...]

Insomnia help for shift workers

People who work nights or irregular hours often struggle with sleep. Help is available without the use of sleep aids, though. Here are some tips, courtesy of the New York Times: Try to maintain a steady sleep-wake schedule seven days a week. This includes your days off. Commit yourself to [...]