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insomnia and depression

Should you ignore your insomnia if you want to keep your guns?

Earlier this year, the media was in a furore over a story that a man who sought treatment for insomnia ended up having his guns confiscated. Apparently, after seeking medical help he was admitted to hospital for treatment. Less than a week later the Country Sheriff's Department turned up on [...]

Are night owls more prone to depression?

There's a definite link between sleep deprivation and depression. A new study now suggests that those who tend to be active at night are more likely to suffer from depression. Researchers in Finland recruited over 6,000 individuals aged between 25 and 74. They found that those who tended to carry [...]

When nightmares cause insomnia and depression

I've written about the link between insomnia and depression a number of times. New research has now found then when insomnia is combined with nightmares, symptoms of depression can become even worse. Researchers in Japan found that 71% of study participants with insomnia experienced nightmares 1 or more times per [...]