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Four ridiculously easy steps you can follow to cure your insomnia right now

Note: for those who are not regular readers of Insomnia Land, please set your sarcasm detectors to 'high'. According to the 2012 National Sleep Foundation Poll, insomnia sufferers simply need to follow these steps and their insomnia will be magically cured: Step one - make your bed in the morning. [...]

Insomnia can be absolutely destructive

Today's blog post is deadly serious. We've said many times that insomnia isn't given the respect it deserves - it can be debilitating, dangerous and destructive. What's more, insomnia can strike anyone at any time. This article from Mail Online shows just how damaging insomnia can be. Marco Mureno suffered [...]

Sleep deprivation in teenagers can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide

We mentioned this a few days ago on our twitter page, but thought it was worth repeating and recording here. A new report has found that teenagers who go to bed after midnight are 24% more likely to to have depression than those who go to bed before 10pm. Furthermore, [...]

Insomnia doesn’t just affect insomniacs

We don't think society takes insomnia seriously enough. Not only can it be debilitating for the sufferer, it can have huge effects on others, too. Spouses of insomniacs can suffer - some of you have told us that your partner's long term insomnia has actually ended up affecting your sleep, [...]

Heart disease linked to body clock

Over the long term, being unable to sleep can cause physical health problems. Now, a significant study has been published raising the possibility that heart disease is linked to disturbances in the body's 24 hour clock. By working on mice, the researchers found that high levels of the hormone aldosterone [...]