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Higher levels of arousal cause insomnia

A recent study from the Mental Health Foundation estimated the prevalence of chronic insomnia in the UK to be around 8-10%, and possibly as high as 15% for those over the age of 65. Professor Colin Espie's organization collected the survey data. He describes insomnia as a "disorder of arousal" [...]

Inaccurate human growth hormones could be an insomnia cause

We'll take this one with a pinch of salt seeing as it comes from a company called Growth Hormones Direct. That being said, we still feel compelled to share. Apparently, inaccurate human growth hormones can result in problems sleeping. No mention of a scientific reason for this, so we'd recommend [...]

These common medications may cause insomnia

Insomniacs typically experience a lack of energy, bad memory and concentration, irritability, inflammation, depression and a lack of self-esteem. Insomnia sufferers are also at increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. As a result, many insomniacs are on medication. The problem is that many medications can cause insomnia, or make [...]

Yet another link between insomnia and diet pills

Way back in February of last year we wrote that insomnia may be a side effect of some diet drugs. In November we mentioned a specific brand that the FDA warned consumers to avoid. Now, the FDA is set to approve a new diet pill called Contrave despite the fact [...]

Can a tick bite really cause insomnia?

Lyme disease is an infectious disease transmitted to humans through the bite of infected ticks. Symptoms can include fever, depression and fatigue and can even progress to affect the heart and central nervous system. Perhaps less well known is the link between Lyme disease and insomnia. Through two years of [...]

Choosing this career could cause insomnia

We've written before that computers may cause insomnia. Now a new study argues that software engineers in particular are prone to insomnia. A study of 91 Indian software engineers found that 56% of them suffered from mild or severe insomnia compared to 23% of the general population. The study also [...]