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Damage to this part of your brain may cause insomnia

I've already mentioned a study that found a link between traumatic brain injury and insomnia. New research now adds even more weight to this claim. The new study, published in The Journal of Neuroscience, used CT scans to map the exact location of brain damage in 192 brain injured Vietnam [...]

Another reason why insomnia might strike when you travel

Back in July we wrote about insomnia being a symptom of vacationing. We've also mentioned that altitude might be an insomnia cause. Now, we've learnt that insomnia is a symptom of mefloquine - a popular anti-malarial drug. We often hear from people who don't normally experience insomnia yet they suffer [...]

Mold could be the cause of your insomnia

We recently read an article that discussed the health implications of mold and we noticed insomnia appear in the list of one man's symptoms. Michael Winchell suffers with a number of symptoms of mold contamination. These include depression, anxiety and insomnia. Although it's difficult to tell whether the mold is [...]

You could have been destined for insomnia at birth

If you suffer from chronic insomnia, you're three times more likely than someone without insomnia to have a sibling or parent with the same condition. This suggests a potential biological predisposition to insomnia, so why are we regularly told that insomnia is a symptom of another underlying condition? Furthermore, it [...]

The link between arthritis and insomnia

Perhaps it's no surprise that a new study has shown that arthritis can harm sleep quality - particularly when arthritis pain isn't well controlled, or if the arthritis sufferer is depressed or anxious. What may be more of a surprise is just how prevalent sleep disturbances are among those with [...]

Insomnia is a symptom of lead and mercury poisoning

We just finished reading an article over at The Province about products that are banned in Canada, yet often found available for sale. What really caught our eye was the relationship between lead and mercury poisoning and insomnia. Apparently, lead and mercury poisoning can cause insomnia - something we'd not [...]