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An update on the Insomnia Land project

Since the idea for Insomnia Land was conceived around six months ago, the project has been coming along brilliantly. It all started with a Twitter account in October 2009. We then launched this insomnia blog in November 2009. Our aim is pretty simple: we want to raise the awareness and [...]

Insomnia doesn’t just affect insomniacs

We don't think society takes insomnia seriously enough. Not only can it be debilitating for the sufferer, it can have huge effects on others, too. Spouses of insomniacs can suffer - some of you have told us that your partner's long term insomnia has actually ended up affecting your sleep, [...]

Sex can cause insomnia

Don't worry - we're not going to get all explicit. Some say sex is a great way to relax - and in that regard, sex may help prevent insomnia. However, that might not be the case if you live next door to some 'enthusiastic' love makers. We'll say no more [...]

Cure insomnia by altering your mind

We recently read this article about holistic stress reducing remedies that mentioned a herb that may be beneficial for insomnia sufferers: Kava Kava - Used for fatigue, anxiety, stress and insomnia, this herb is calming, leads to an overall sense of well-being, clear thinking and relaxation of muscles. Resulting sleep [...]

Bed manufacturers wage war on insomnia

Bed manufacturers are trying to combat insomnia by changing the way they make their beds. Their 'weapons of war' include anti-sweat mattresses, organic bedding and lightweight futons. This all sounds a bit gimmicky to me. I accept that some people may struggle to sleep because their beds are uncomfortable but [...]

Insomnia? There’s an app for that

We recently came across an iPhone app that apparently helps you sleep. It works by taking you through a 5 week course based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It's creator claims the app is more effective than taking sleeping pills. We are sceptical. Has anyone tried this app? Maybe it's something [...]