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insomnia consequences

What happens when you don’t get enough sleep?

Sleep is important. Vitally important. It's thought that the ideal sleep duration is between seven and eight hours per night. So what happens when you regularly fail to get enough sleep? Bad things. Here are just a few of them: Those who sleep for less than 6 hours are far [...]

The reason why insomnia damages your health

Insomnia is linked to a whole host of additional health complications: diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even cognitive impairment (and that's just for starters).Now a study has come up with a potential reason why.Researchers measured the blood of volunteers after they'd enjoyed up to ten hours of sleep each night [...]

Insomnia may increase your risk of injury

We're not talking about injuries as a side effect of sleeping medication today. Instead, we want to tell you about a new study that found insomnia sufferers are more likely to experience an injury regardless of whether they're taking medication. This latest study looked at close to 5,000 individuals who [...]

The most serious consequences of insomnia

In the three-and-a-half-years I've been writing insomnia related blog posts, I've covered the consequences of insomnia a number of times. Many of them are extremely serious and outright dangerous. Rather than having them dispersed throughout the blog, I thought I'd condense many of them down into one blog post. Short-term sleep [...]

If you don’t get this amount of sleep, you’re four times more likely to suffer from a stroke

In December of last year, I reported on a study that found those who didn't sleep for long enough were 15% more likely to suffer from a stroke within 7-25 years. Now a new study has reached a similar (if not even more concerning) conclusion. According to sleep researchers at [...]

Insomnia may harm the immune system

Insomnia has a number of health implications. A recent study suggests this may be because sleep deprivation harms our immune system. Researchers discovered that controlling the Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) in mice affected their response to vaccinations. The TLR9 gene is hugely important to the human immune system since it [...]