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What makes cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia so effective?

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (otherwise known as CBT for insomnia or CBT-i) is universally recognized as the most effective insomnia treatment. That's because CBT works by tackling the root cause of most cases of insomnia (incorrect thoughts and behaviors towards sleep). Researchers recently set out to determine which component [...]

An insomnia cure for lung cancer survivors?

Insomnia is already prevalent amongst cancer patients, with many links being made between insomnia and cancer. More recently, researchers have sought to address the prevalence of insomnia amongst lung cancer survivors. Apparently, anywhere from half to as many as 80% of those diagnosed with lung cancer experience severe symptoms of [...]

Cure insomnia by depriving yourself of sleep

There's an interesting article over on ABC news that starts out talking about a traditional session of cognitive behavioral therapy and how it helped one insomnia sufferer. What was more interesting (to me at least) was the latter half of the article that outlined a more radical treatment. Dr Leon [...]

Finally, a curry to cure insomnia

A couple of years ago we warned you away from curry - apparently, spicy foods can make sleep more difficult. However, for the curry enthusiast there may now be hope. Gurpareet Bains is an Anglo-Indian chef who claims to have created a curry that will help people sleep. He says that [...]

Insomnia vs gold plated magnets – fight!

What is it with insomnia and magnets? After reporting on a magnetic mattress and even magnetic pearls that promise to help you sleep, now we're hearing of a new type of magnet that wants to tackle your insomnia. Zing Pain Relief offers insomnia relief magnets to improve your sleep. The [...]

This enzyme could lead us to a universal insomnia cure

In a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience, three concentrations of a Calcium/Calmodulin Kinase II (CaMKII) inhibitor were injected into the brainstems of rats and the effect on wakefulness, slow wave sleep and REM sleep were measured. The effects were concentration-dependent and lasted for approximately three hours. Researchers found [...]