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New insomnia cause, new insomnia cure?

Health News Digest recently reported on research published by the journal Biological Psychiatry that identified a new insomnia cause. Cytokines - products of our immune systems - may be to blame for our insomnia. In the study, patients with Hepatitis C were exposed to doses of cytokine, which activates the [...]

Relaxation exercises may be your insomnia cure

Good Morning America recently shared some tips from their senior health and medical editor about how to get a good night's sleep. The advice started out rather typically - establish a bedtime routine and try to sleep in a dark and quiet room. When we get to page 2 though, [...]

A $60,000 bed probably won’t cure your insomnia

We've written about insomnia curing beds before (a number of times), but now we have even more news to share. For €9,000 (around $11,000) Panasonic in Japan will sell you the Restino - a bed that makes you so comfortable, it's almost impossible to stay awake. Similar to the Hôtel [...]

Insomnia treatments compared by popularity and effectiveness

CureTogether recently got in touch with us to bring our attention to an infographic they published comparing the top 20 insomnia treatments. The research wasn't particularly scientific, so we wouldn't read too much into it - the data came from their members who have been, '... anonymously sharing symptoms and [...]

Where to go for insomnia help if you aren’t happy with your doctor

A lot of people tell me that their doctor wasn't particularly helpful when it came to diagnosing or treating their insomnia. Many people give up seeking further professional advice once their primary care physician appears to give up on them. Of course, the solution could be to change doctors - [...]

Cure your insomnia in two easy steps

An article over at The Huffington Post almost sounds too good to be true. Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., explains how he helped a patient get over their insomnia by following two simple steps. We'll share them below. Step One: Unplug. No technology after 9pm. Step Two: Integrate 'mindfulness' into your sleep [...]