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Get out of bed if you want to cure your insomnia!

We read one piece of insomnia advice on an almost daily basis, yet we just noticed that we've never shared it on this blog! It's time to change that now. Apparently, lying in bed for an excessive amount of time waiting for sleep to reach you is a bad idea. [...]

Look East to find your cure for insomnia

We seem to be on a bit of a run with the natural remedies for insomnia just lately, so here's another one. This time, we're moving East and looking at Asian medicine and identifying some specific ingredients that may help you cure your insomnia - thanks to an article from [...]

Insomnia advice from famous insomniacs

Following on from our post about the history of insomnia, we now want to share some insomnia advice straight from famous insomniacs. They're famous, so what they say MUST work, right? Vincent Van Gogh's insomnia cure: Douse your mattress and pillow with camphor, a relative of turpentine. Marilyn Monroe's insomnia [...]

Natural insomnia remedies you can try today

We've written a few different posts about natural insomnia cures - particularly when it comes to food and diet. With the help of AOL Health, we thought we'd round up some suggested natural insomnia remedies you can try today. Hops - Work as a mild sedative. Jamaican Dogwood - Acts [...]

Down dog with head on a block may relieve your insomnia

We've written before about the apparent benefits of yoga as a way of relieving insomnia. Today we wanted to share an actual pose that is specifically designed to ease insomnia. Plus we loved the name and just had to work it into a blog post somehow. Video courtesy of That's [...]

You can’t sleep because you’re thinking about sleep

A really interesting article was recently published over at Science Blogs about insomnia and metacognition. Basically, it tells us that as soon as we make sleep our goal, our brain will keep checking up on our progress - resulting in no sleep at all. The article puts this theory into [...]