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Your computer screen may be to blame for your insomnia

This interesting article from the New York Times does a great job of describing what happens when a family's sleep patterns collide. What really got us interested in the article though, was the mention of computer screens perhaps being a contributor to routine late nights. Apparently, computer screens emit blue [...]

Cure insomnia by counting backwards from 3594 in 7s

We're always on the lookout for new advice on insomnia relief - and today we found something rather unique. This Huffington Post article lists the five steps from the 'Restful Insomnia' program - all pretty standard until we get to step three: 3. Diminish the overwrought mind ... let your [...]

Now a soda can cure insomnia!

We recently came across a website selling a soda that contains ingredients thought to counteract insomnia. Funnily enough, although a lot of external websites are mentioning the product's ability to relieve insomnia, there's no mention of that on their website. Still, it sounds like something that could be fun (and [...]