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Cure your insomnia by accepting your insomnia

We speak with a lot of insomnia sufferers. Those that truly inspire us are the ones who have chronic insomnia, yet accept it as part of who they are. Insomnia can be truly debilitating, yet these people still remain productive and surprisingly positive. We were reminded of these people when [...]

Fed up with insomnia? Don’t hold a grudge!

Holding a grudge probably isn't good for your mental or physical health - we don't really need ABC 4 to tell us that. However, we did find their list of physical problems associated with holding a grudge intriguing: Not only do you feel emotionally hurt, but if you don’t deal [...]

Can online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy cure your insomnia?

We know that some of you aren't believers in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (often because it didn't work for you). However, that being said, it can help some insomnia sufferers so for that reason alone it's something that can't be ignored. This article from ABC12 talks about CBT and serves up [...]

Pink silk pajamas are unlikely to be a universal insomnia cure

Remember when we suggested 'more sleep' as your New Year's resolution? Well, if you're after some inspiration, look no further than the sleep challenge running over at The Huffington Post. One of the worst aspects of insomnia is the feeling of battling it alone - so it's always good to [...]

Is there a link between blood sugar levels and insomnia?

We've written before about how food may influence your insomnia, and now we've found another potential connection between your diet and how well you're sleeping. As reported by ABC15 News, Dr. Michael Murray suggests that you regulate your blood sugar levels throughout the day: Individuals whose blood sugar levels change [...]

Studying circadian rhythms could offer insomnia sufferers hope

We just finished reading an interesting article from the New York Times about the use of drugs to help combat jet lag. What made this article interesting was the discussion of circadian rhythms which affect our sleep patterns - something we don't know very much about. Light patterns could have [...]