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Cure your insomnia by imagining you’re in front of Simon Cowell

According to a new book, Mind Eddies are preventing you from sleeping. What's a Mind Eddy, you ask? Apparently, they are, "... thoughts and stories that spin and spin". So, how do you stop these Mind Eddies? One of the suggestions: Sing. Singing disrupts the internal auditory channel, since the [...]

Have insomnia? Get yourself a dog!

We've all heard of service dogs before - and we mainly associate them with helping the blind. A report from the Columbia Missourian teaches us even more, though. Apparently, service dogs can also be trained to predict migraines and seizures, pull wheelchairs and load/unload your laundry! When we got to [...]

Insomnia therapy from Buddha

We're always on the lookout for new ideas and original advice for relieving insomnia. Today we came across this interesting article in Psychology Today from a professor at Naropa University, Colorado who applies the Noble Truths from Buddha's early teachings in her capacity as a contemplative therapist. Regardless of whether [...]

Sleep monitors for insomnia – more stress, less sleep?

Three students from Brown University have come up with a sleep monitor that supposedly acts as a sleep coach. The Zeo Sleep Monitor measures your brainwaves during the night and in the morning gives you a sleep score and some other data (the video in the article is worth a [...]

Can food cure your insomnia?

We know that many of you don't like taking sleeping pills. We also know that some of you don't like taking any of the more natural alternatives, either. If you're one of these people, you might like to try altering (or supplementing) your diet. This article from epicurious asks whether [...]

Merry Christmas and stick with the vodka to prevent insomnia

Just a quick post today to wish you all a happy Christmas. For some of us, today is a day of over-indulgence. For some of us, that means we may have one or two alcohol infused beverages (or more). If this applies to you, consider this - for a better [...]