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Insomnia relief: Reading is good (but not when you’re in bed)

Reading is often included in the list of 'relaxing activities' recommended to insomnia sufferers before bedtime. But hold your horses - you need make sure you're doing the right kind of reading! Yes, apparently reading is good - as long as you aren't reading in bed. Apparently, as soon as [...]

Do phone masts cause insomnia?

An article about an 'iBurst tower' causing insomnia in South Africa got our attention recently. Residents that live close to the mast claim it has resulted in health problems, including insomnia. We already know about the controversy of mobile phone masts - some people have been claiming they lead to [...]

Can music cure insomnia?

Every now and then, I'm asked via my Twitter account about music. People want to know if listening to music when trying to sleep is a good idea. Others want specific song recommendations. Everyone is different - a song that will lull one person to sleep may drive someone else [...]

The inconsistency of insomnia advice

As we've said before, we often see the same old insomnia advice. Often, this mentions adopting a soothing, relaxing bedtime routine. However, one article we read recently actually recommends light exercise before bed. Apparently, a recent study from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil found that people who did [...]

Cure your insomnia with a bed of nails!

I like to have a little bit of fun with this blog from time to time. With that in mind, I couldn't miss sharing this one with you: just a week after I wrote about bed manufacturers declaring war on insomnia, I now hear that nail beds are apparently becoming [...]

Bed manufacturers wage war on insomnia

Bed manufacturers are trying to combat insomnia by changing the way they make their beds. Their 'weapons of war' include anti-sweat mattresses, organic bedding and lightweight futons. This all sounds a bit gimmicky to me. I accept that some people may struggle to sleep because their beds are uncomfortable but [...]