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One word that will (not) cure your insomnia

HU. That's the word. Now your insomnia is cured. Still cynical? Join the club - we'll be founder members. Apparently, HUing addresses the cause of insomnia and doesn't just mask its symptoms like those pesky pharmaceuticals. HU is a 'tuning fork that retunes your subatomic particles to harmonize and create [...]

Cure your insomnia by running, relaxing and remembering

Our aim at Insomnia Land is to offer genuine insomnia advice, support and information; no gimmicks, no hype and no ad dollars influencing our recommendations. On that note, we want to share some insomnia advice from another insomniac. Leo Babauta has had a 'mild-to-medium' case of insomnia for years. He [...]

Relaxation brownies are probably best avoided

Lazy Cakes are marketed as relaxation brownies based on their inclusion of melatonin. The problem is, they contain about three times the average medical dose for an adult. This is particularly concerning when you consider the cartoon packaging that is likely to appeal to children (although there is a small [...]

Insomnia advice from an insomniac

One of the main reasons we started our insomnia help forums was to give insomnia sufferers a place to get genuine information, support and advice from people who know what they're going through - ie, other insomniacs. Therefore, we're particularly excited to share some insomnia advice we found from someone [...]

Insomnia help for students

Students often suffer from insomnia. Whether that's due to stress or alcohol, we're not sure. If you're an insomnia-stricken student (or know one who is), you might find Sue Scheff's sixty tips helpful. Her advice includes giving polyphasic sleep a try (sleep for around four hours at night, then take [...]

The world’s leading company in eye and head massage technology wants to cure your insomnia

PBS recently reported on a Chinese company called Breo that wants to cure your insomnia with a range of products designed to reduce stress. Currently, Breo offers a mask that is supposed to relieve tiredness around the eyes and a helmet that vibrates, applies heat and plays relaxing music. Before [...]