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A raw onion salad is (un)likely to cure your insomnia

With no explanations or scientific basis, an article published at Oneindia Living shares a list of natural insomnia remedies. These include: Honey and celery juice Tea made with lettuce seeds A small raw onion salad eaten every day with dinner A balm of lavender oil, celery seed paste, chamomile and [...]

Cryotherapy could be the most unusual insomnia cure you’ve never heard of

Cryotherapy involves entering a dry air chamber that is chilled to minus 211° Fahrenheit (minus 135° Celsius). To put that into perspective, a freezer typically registers a temperature of 0°F (-18°C). Why would you put yourself through such torture? Well, the practice is mainly reserved for professional athletes who use cryotherapy to help [...]

This pillow wants to cure your insomnia

Is it gimmick time again at Insomnia Land? You be the judge. The WizPill claims to help relieve insomnia with features such as bone conduction transducers, sleep-inducing sound waves, music therapy, oxygen therapy, and ergonomic design. Basically, the WizPill plays music through headphones, a conduction transducer, or an eye mask [...]

This South American herb may help relieve your insomnia

We've been sharing natural insomnia remedies all week, so let's finish off with another one. Yahoo recently posted an article that listed ten natural ways to get a good night's sleep. We've heard most of them a thousand times before, but one caught our eye: passionflower. Apparently, passionflower (also known as [...]

Could a Sleep Retreat help cure your insomnia?

Like many couples, Flic Everett and husband Simon Buckley had to sleep in separate beds due to Flic's insomnia and Simon's snoring. The move didn't help Flic's insomnia, so the couple decided to attend a Sleep Retreat run by Dr Guy Meadows, the founder of the London Insomnia Clinic. At the [...]

New guidelines for insomnia treatment

The British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP) recently released new guidelines for sleep disorders. These guidelines are intended to act as a comprehensive guide for health professionals managing patients in primary or secondary medical care. You can read the entire statement, or make do with our summary below. The definition of insomnia [...]