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Sleeping with your pet can cure (and cause) insomnia

We've written before about dogs curing insomnia - but now it seems you need to be careful when it comes to where your pets sleep. This article from WebMD discusses the whether it's healthy for your dogs or cats to sleep in your bed. Some might think having your animal [...]

Reiki could be the natural insomnia cure you’ve been looking for

We've written before that Buddha may help you cure your insomnia, but now we have something a little more concrete. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes overall health and well-being. In Spokane, WA it is being used to help insomnia sufferers get much needed sleep. [...]

How will you conquer your insomnia?

Insomnia affects people differently. For some, it's just a minor distraction. For others, it's a major obstacle to living a 'normal life'. There is no single cure for insomnia - it affects people differently, so it's only natural that a cure that might work for one person does nothing for [...]

Decaffeinated coffee is all a conspiracy but now the truth is out there

We've all heard the over-used insomnia advice that tells us to avoid caffeine if we want to sleep at night. Lots of us will stick with the caffeine in the morning, then move over to decaffienated coffee in the afternoon. How much can we trust that the decaff coffee we're [...]

Insomnia advice from beyond the grave

Ruth is a member of the Insomnia Land community (we're currently in closed beta - contact us if you're interested in joining). She recently posted a link in the forums to an article over at the BBC's h2g2 about the history of insomnia. It's a fascinating piece, and well worth [...]

Over 60? Sleep less if you want to cure your insomnia!

I love sharing the more original insomnia related articles I come across. This one from the Telegraph says that although those over 60 are the most likely to complain of insomnia, they should actually be sleeping less. Apparently, people in their 60s need almost an hour less sleep per night [...]