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Insomniacs more likely to suffer from PTSD and depression

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there's a strong link between sleep disorders and combat. Now a new study suggests that a history of insomnia increases the risk for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression in combat veterans. The research out of the University of Pennsylvania and the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego [...]

Revealed: Why insomnia makes you cranky and emotional

More than three years ago I wrote about a study that found insomnia sufferers were worse at reading emotions than healthy sleepers. A new study may provide some additional clues - it found that insomnia may actually damage the way our brains regulate and process our emotions. This is perhaps [...]

The link between depression and treatment resistant insomnia

I've made the case for a link between insomnia and depression before (but in the interests of balance and fairness, another study discredited such a link). Recently, I came across an article that found those with major depression have high rates of insomnia which is highly resistant to treatment. Furthermore, the [...]

Sleep deprivation increases the risk of depression

The fact that insomnia may cause depression is perhaps unsurprising to many insomniacs, yet researchers are still split as to whether insomnia is a symptom or a cause of depression. Sleep problems are usually seen as a symptom of depression - however it appears that newer research is finding that depression [...]

New study finds that depression does not cause insomnia

We already know that there's a link between insomnia and depression, but a new study goes further and teaches us something new. Researchers at the University of Western Australia not only found that men who have trouble falling asleep are at a greater risk of depression (insomnia doubled the risk [...]

This herb could help if your insomnia is a symptom of depression

According to Professor George Lewith, St John's Wort is an effective and well-tolerated treatment for mild to moderate depression - despite studies to the contrary. Of course, you shouldn't 'treat' yourself for depression without speaking to a doctor first, but St John's Wort may be worth discussing. Professor Lewith recommends long-term, daily [...]