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Surprise: We’re still not treating insomnia properly

Unfortunately, doctors are rarely able to cure insomnia and they're often too eager to prescribe medication instead of permanent treatment options.This has been the case for a number of years and it would appear that little has changed (I know from reading comments in my insomnia support forum that many insomnia sufferers [...]

This doctor’s insomnia advice? Stop complaining!

Insomnia sufferers are used to receiving little in the way of sympathy - largely due to the word 'insomnia' being over-used, and the condition being poorly understood. However, we thought it would be reasonable to expect a little more sympathy and understanding from doctors. Unfortunately, this doesn't always prove to [...]

Your doctor probably won’t be able to cure your insomnia

I often add a caveat to my blog posts along the line of 'always speak with your doctor first' - and that isn't going to change. However, one UK-based study has suggested that seeking insomnia help from your doctor probably won't increase your chances of beating insomnia. 474 individuals over [...]

Send us your insomnia questions and we’ll get a doctor to answer them

We've managed to get some time with Dr Steven Lamm next week to discuss insomnia. If you have any questions you'd like to ask Dr Lamm about your insomnia or just insomnia in general, please get in touch. We'll need your questions by the end of the week - so if [...]

Insomnia, doctors and frustration

There's a great post from January 2010 over at Confessions of a Serial Insomniac that you should all read (be prepared for strong language). If you don't understand the frustration insomniacs often have to deal with when visiting their doctors about their sleep problems, you should read the post. If [...]

Where to go for insomnia help if you aren’t happy with your doctor

A lot of people tell me that their doctor wasn't particularly helpful when it came to diagnosing or treating their insomnia. Many people give up seeking further professional advice once their primary care physician appears to give up on them. Of course, the solution could be to change doctors - [...]