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The most popular insomnia drugs (and how they work)

I know that many of my readers take at least one type of medication to help them sleep, so I thought I'd put something together about the more popular options and how they affect the body.First, it's important to remember that benzodiazepines (zaleplon/Sonata, zolpidem/Ambien, and eszopiclone/Lunesta) should never be mixed [...]

Seroquel should not be used as an insomnia cure

The FDA has not approved atypical antipsychotic drugs (including Seroquel) to treat insomnia, yet the US military is still prescribing the drug to overseas troops as an insomnia treatment. Low doses (25mg) of Seroquel (generically known as quetiapine) have been approved by the Department of Defense to treat insomnia against the advice [...]

Why you shouldn’t try to manufacture your own insomnia treatment

Sure, searching for that elusive cure can make you a little desperate - but whatever you do, don't try making your own insomnia medication in an attempt to cure your insomnia. Unfortunately our advice comes a little late for Ross Jorgensen; in March he became the first person in Queensland, [...]

These common medications may cause insomnia

Insomniacs typically experience a lack of energy, bad memory and concentration, irritability, inflammation, depression and a lack of self-esteem. Insomnia sufferers are also at increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. As a result, many insomniacs are on medication. The problem is that many medications can cause insomnia, or make [...]

Yet another link between insomnia and diet pills

Way back in February of last year we wrote that insomnia may be a side effect of some diet drugs. In November we mentioned a specific brand that the FDA warned consumers to avoid. Now, the FDA is set to approve a new diet pill called Contrave despite the fact [...]

New drug could reset your circadian rhythm, relieve insomnia and bi-polar disorder

Back in January I wrote about the potential that further study into circadian rhythms could hold, yet I was cynical that we'd see much movement in this area. Fast forward six months, and maybe it's a different story - the Telegraph reports that researchers from the US & UK have found [...]