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insomnia genes

New study finds that genes influence insomnia

In the past 5 years I've written about 2 studies that have suggested insomnia may be genetic. This is an interesting area of research, but it doesn't come up all that often. That being said, I recently came across a new study that aimed to investigate whether insomnia in children [...]

Ironically, caffeine may help us cure insomnia

... or at the very least, understand it better. We've all heard the insomnia advice urging us to avoid caffeine after 3pm (although some insomnia sufferers claim that coffee actually helps them sleep). Rather than being the insomnia boogeyman, it turns out that caffeine may help us better understand insomnia [...]

New research suggests insomnia may be genetic

In 2010, I reported on a study that found that insomnia sufferers are three times more likely to have a sibling or parent with insomnia, compared to healthy sleepers. In 2011, I reported on a study that found that sleep patterns in one species of fish are genetic. Now I've [...]