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One word that will (not) cure your insomnia

HU. That's the word. Now your insomnia is cured. Still cynical? Join the club - we'll be founder members. Apparently, HUing addresses the cause of insomnia and doesn't just mask its symptoms like those pesky pharmaceuticals. HU is a 'tuning fork that retunes your subatomic particles to harmonize and create [...]

This device cures insomnia by massaging your sleeping golden triangle

We know that wad of cash is burning a hole in your pocket so why not spend it on this device and cure your insomnia at the same time? The Dreamate Sleep Inducer straps onto your left wrist and uses acupressure to massage the 'sleeping golden triangle' (aka your wrist). [...]

Overdosing on a homeopathic insomnia treatment in Antarctica

We always encourage natural insomnia treatments as a first option before resorting to pharmaceutical sleeping pills, but you still need to be aware of potential side-effects and gimmicks. On the latter point, we recently stumbled across this excellent video from Dr Paul Willis. As part of an experiment run by [...]

Baggy cotton pajamas want to cure your insomnia

About a year ago we mentioned someone who felt that pink silk pajamas helped them sleep. Now, a celebrity has joined the fray. Apparently, Johnny Depp suffered from acute insomnia until a friend offered him some advice - wear baggy cotton pajamas. There's no mention of the color, so at the [...]

This pillow wants to cure your insomnia

Is it gimmick time again at Insomnia Land? You be the judge. The WizPill claims to help relieve insomnia with features such as bone conduction transducers, sleep-inducing sound waves, music therapy, oxygen therapy, and ergonomic design. Basically, the WizPill plays music through headphones, a conduction transducer, or an eye mask [...]

The WakeMate proves that technology isn’t a magical insomnia cure

As we pass through the season of giving, we thought it only apt to mention another product that promises to improve your sleep. The WakeMate claims to optimize your waking hours by analyzing your sleep and highlighting personal habits that affect your sleep. Sounds a bit gimmicky to us, and [...]