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insomnia gimmicks

Cure insomnia by boiling an egg at midnight

I was going to make this a serious post, sharing a list of foods that may help you fall asleep naturally. I was going to mention almonds (due to their magnesium content), dairy products (for their tryptophan content), cereals (to encourage serotonin), non-fat popcorn and honey. However, when I got [...]

Would you like to spend $2500 to cure your insomnia?

Insomnia can be expensive; from a $60,000 bed to a sleep pod in a luxury hotel - some insomnia cures certainly don't come cheap. Now a hotel in London wants to get in on the 'desperate to spend' demographic with an insomnia package. At up to $2,500 per night, the Milestone [...]

One word that will (not) cure your insomnia

HU. That's the word. Now your insomnia is cured. Still cynical? Join the club - we'll be founder members. Apparently, HUing addresses the cause of insomnia and doesn't just mask its symptoms like those pesky pharmaceuticals. HU is a 'tuning fork that retunes your subatomic particles to harmonize and create [...]

Relaxation brownies are probably best avoided

Lazy Cakes are marketed as relaxation brownies based on their inclusion of melatonin. The problem is, they contain about three times the average medical dose for an adult. This is particularly concerning when you consider the cartoon packaging that is likely to appeal to children (although there is a small [...]

The WakeMate proves that technology isn’t a magical insomnia cure

As we pass through the season of giving, we thought it only apt to mention another product that promises to improve your sleep. The WakeMate claims to optimize your waking hours by analyzing your sleep and highlighting personal habits that affect your sleep. Sounds a bit gimmicky to us, and [...]

Can this sleepwear range cure your insomnia?

Back in July we wrote about a clothing line that claims to help relieve insomnia. Now, it appears there's some additional competition. Goodnighties offer a range of sleepwear that claims to promote restorative sleep. Apparently, the clothes are made from a unique fabric that is blended with negative ions. These [...]