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The reason why insomnia damages your health

Insomnia is linked to a whole host of additional health complications: diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even cognitive impairment (and that's just for starters).Now a study has come up with a potential reason why.Researchers measured the blood of volunteers after they'd enjoyed up to ten hours of sleep each night [...]

Insomnia may increase your risk of heart disease

Over the past fifty years, sleep duration has fallen by around 1.5-2 hours. This should be all the more concerning since a study published in the European Heart Journal found that short sleepers were 48% likelier to develop coronary heart disease within 7-25 years, and 15% likelier to suffer from a stroke [...]

Bipolar insomnia sufferers at higher risk of heart disease

As we've mentioned before, there is a link between heart disease and insomnia across the entire population, but it's particular prevalent among those with bipolar disorder. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in those with bipolar disorder; on average, heart disease strikes 14 years earlier compared to the general population. [...]

Insomnia can cause diabetes and increase your risk of heart disease

Back in May I wrote about a study that found a link between insomnia and diabetes. A new study has now reached a similar conclusion. The new study found that those who get less than six hours of sleep per night are at an increased risk of a condition called [...]

Insomnia linked to metabolic syndrome

A new study has found a link between insomnia and metabolic syndrome, a heart disease risk factor. The study found that specific symptoms of insomnia (namely difficulty falling asleep and 'unrefreshing' sleep) were significant predictors of the development of metabolic syndrome. Yet another reason why we need to stop brushing [...]