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Could belly dancing help relieve your insomnia?

We recently read an interesting article about the increasing popularity of belly dancing. As well as being a fun way of keeping fit, it could offer other health benefits - including insomnia relief. We're not sure that belly dancing specifically is the real insomnia relief here; it's probably the act [...]

Have insomnia? Get yourself a dog!

We've all heard of service dogs before - and we mainly associate them with helping the blind. A report from the Columbia Missourian teaches us even more, though. Apparently, service dogs can also be trained to predict migraines and seizures, pull wheelchairs and load/unload your laundry! When we got to [...]

Insomnia needs to be taken more seriously

Did you know that the Challenger Disaster, the Chernobyl meltdown and the Exxon Valdez oil spill were all linked with workers who were sleep deprived? OK, we'll accept that most of us aren't astronauts or nuclear scientists - however, many of us will have jobs that require us to be [...]