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Does trazodone increase the risk of relapse for recovering alcoholics with insomnia?

Sleep difficulties can be common in recovering alcoholics. Consequently, trazodone is frequently prescribed to help improve sleep quality. Unfortunately, it has been suggested that taking trazodone can increase the chances of relapse. To determine whether this drug (also known as Desyrel and Oleptro) can harm alcoholics' chances of recovery, researchers [...]

Seroquel should not be used as an insomnia cure

The FDA has not approved atypical antipsychotic drugs (including Seroquel) to treat insomnia, yet the US military is still prescribing the drug to overseas troops as an insomnia treatment. Low doses (25mg) of Seroquel (generically known as quetiapine) have been approved by the Department of Defense to treat insomnia against the advice [...]

Insomnia may reduce the effectiveness of CBT for depressed teenagers

Generally speaking, we're big fans of CBT as an insomnia treatment. It doesn't involve medication, and it can be remarkably effective. That being said, it would appear that when used to treat depression in teenagers, CBT is less effective if the individual also suffers from insomnia. This is a major finding, [...]

The link between insomnia, testosterone and sexual health

The amount of testosterone in our body rises whilst we're asleep and falls when we're awake. Testosterone reaches its highest levels during deep REM sleep; consequently those with insomnia (who often don't reach this stage of sleep, or only do so for a short amount of time) will typically have [...]

The prevalence of insomnia in cancer patients

We already know that cancer is one of many insomnia causes. I've also written about suggestions that insomnia may even cause cancer. Today, I want to talk more about cancer as a potential insomnia cause. According to a study out of the Laval University Cancer Research Centre in Quebec, more than [...]

If insomnia is so inexpensive to treat, why is it still so prevalent?

I've long suspected that insomnia is often ignored by the medical profession since treatment is often billed under a psychological code which pays poorly (compared to sleep apnea which normally costs around $10,000 to treat and is usually fully covered by insurance). I recently came across an article confirming my [...]