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insomnia in women

What all women need to know about sleeping pills

Sleeping pills for insomnia and medications for treating wakefulness related to narcolepsy and sleep apnea have a different effect on women compared to men. Here's what you need to know.

The link between insomnia and high cholesterol

Dyslipidemia (otherwise known as high cholesterol) is a risk factor for a number of conditions, including stroke and heart disease. A recent Chinese study suggests that insomnia is associated with higher rates of dyslipidemia - particularly among women. The study in question involved over 10,000 Chinese adults who were asked [...]

Is insomnia and sleep deprivation really worse for women?

Sleep deprivation varies between the sexes. When it comes to insomnia prevalence to medication use and other effects, our gender appears to influence how sleep (or a lack of it) affects our bodies and minds.Adding to this, I recently came across a study that found that women may bear the brunt [...]

Another study finds that women are more susceptible to insomnia than men

I recently came across yet another study that found women are more likely to suffer from insomnia than men. Research from the University of Glasgow found that 51% of adult women in the UK have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Furthermore, three quarters of women surveyed reported symptoms of [...]

Women sleep better than men, but more likely to suffer from insomnia

We already know that insomnia is more prevalent in women than men. Whether that's down to hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause or because women use their brains more, we don't yet know. That being said, I recently came across an article arguing that women actually sleep better than men, [...]

The link between PMS and insomnia

Psychology Today argues that although insomnia is often linked to stress, depression, anxiety, alcohol, caffeine (and all the other well publicized culprits), we rarely hear about another factor - female hormones. The article tells us that sleep disturbances occur twice as often in healthy women than in men - and [...]