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We all have a controllable sleep switch (the fruit fly said so)

Who would have thought the humble fruit fly could have such a big impact on the field of insomnia research?! From mutating amino acids to speed up the body clock to destroying the insomnia gene, the fruit fly is continuing to teach us about the elusive 'sleep switch'. Sleep is [...]

Women are twice as likely than men to take prescription medication for insomnia

We already know that women are more likely to suffer from insomnia compared to men - and now it appears that they're also far more likely to seek a pharmaceutical cure for their insomnia. According to IMS Health, a healthcare consulting company, just shy of 15.5 million women aged between [...]

The reason why your lack of sleep is turning you into a zombie

We are prone to making more mistakes when sleep deprived - but why? Researchers from the University of Wisconsin recently set out to answer this question. In a study involving rats, they found that sleep deprivation resulted in brain neurons switching off. In other words, parts of the brain were [...]

Feeling optimistic? Thank your insomnia!

It may be hard to believe, but there can actually be benefits to having insomnia. From our insomnia help forums: LindsayK - I get a lot of work done. IvanAleisterMesniaa - Insomnia gives me inspiration to write and it helps me think more rationally. yourfavoritecyn - I have more time [...]

Cure your insomnia by getting a divorce and working at McDonald’s

So you thought that a happy marriage and a well paying job would cure your sleepless nights, did you? Well, think again. According to research from Statistics Canada, single people get 24 minutes extra sleep compared to married couples or those in common-law unions. What's more, those who make $20,000 per [...]

The ultimate insomnia resource

The University of Maryland has put together a fantastic article about insomnia that all insomniacs (and everyone curious about the condition) should read. It details insomnia causes and a whole host of insomnia treatment options, including medications as well as natural insomnia remedies. Here are some of the key points [...]