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Is the workplace inbox behind your insomnia?

It's no surprise that today's 'always connected' culture is putting pressure on people to be constantly available for work. As a result, more of us are checking our work emails and accessing work documents from home in the evenings and on weekends. A German study has determined that this is [...]

The 6 social and economic causes of insomnia

A Finnish study recently set out to determine the factors that are most likely to cause insomnia. The study did this by taking data from a 2000 health survey. The data was collected from over 5,000 Finns aged between 30 and 79. Researchers discovered that women were more likely to [...]

The best and worst careers for sleep health

We already know of a few careers that are likely to harm your sleep (and one that may help!) - but now I can share a slightly more comprehensive list. Best careers for sleep: Forest/Logging Workers Average sleep duration 7 hours 20 minutes Hairstylists Average sleep duration 7 hours 16 minutes Sales [...]