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Sometimes, sleeping pills are absolutely necessary

We often write about the need for non-pharmaceutical insomnia treatments to be made more widely available, accessible and affordable. However, we want to make it clear that we aren't totally against sleeping pills. The fact is, many insomniacs rely on sleeping pills to cope with their sleep deprivation and make [...]

Ambien may awaken coma patients

Ambien is one of the most popular prescription sleep aids - yet, along with its generic counterpart zolpidem, it could actually help awaken coma patients. In 1999, zolpidem was given to a coma patient who was thought to be suffering from insomnia after repeatedly clawing at his mattress during the [...]

A list of popular over the counter sleeping pills and prescription sleep aids

I'm often mentioning specific insomnia treatments here on the Insomnia Land blog. Although this works well when I want to share the latest insomnia news and research, it's not particularly helpful if you're simply looking for a list of the most popular insomnia treatments. With the help of Pharmacy Times, I [...]

This natural insomnia treatment may cause kidney failure, liver damage and muscle breakdown

I've mentioned kava as a potential insomnia treatment before. I've also warned that just because something is marketed as 'natural', it doesn't come without side effects. Indeed, kava root has already been linked with liver damage. Today, I'm sharing even more potential side effects of this 'natural' insomnia remedy; doctors [...]

Why you shouldn’t try to manufacture your own insomnia treatment

Sure, searching for that elusive cure can make you a little desperate - but whatever you do, don't try making your own insomnia medication in an attempt to cure your insomnia. Unfortunately our advice comes a little late for Ross Jorgensen; in March he became the first person in Queensland, [...]

This sleep medicine could put older adults at risk for falls

A new study by the University of Colorado at Boulder found that 58% of older adults who took zolpidem (commonly branded as Ambien or Edluar) showed a significant loss of balance and an increase in cognitive impairment when awakened two hours after sleep. This may not sound all that significant, [...]