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Should you ignore your insomnia if you want to keep your guns?

Earlier this year, the media was in a furore over a story that a man who sought treatment for insomnia ended up having his guns confiscated. Apparently, after seeking medical help he was admitted to hospital for treatment. Less than a week later the Country Sheriff's Department turned up on [...]

Did we just discover the brain’s secret sleep switch?

We cycle between 2 basic sleep states when we sleep; rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM). Non-rapid eye movement sleep includes the deep sleep (or slow-wave) sleep stages. Scientists recently set out to discover whether nerves in our brainstem that are suspected of promoting slow-wave sleep are [...]

The reason why your lack of sleep is turning you into a zombie

We are prone to making more mistakes when sleep deprived - but why? Researchers from the University of Wisconsin recently set out to answer this question. In a study involving rats, they found that sleep deprivation resulted in brain neurons switching off. In other words, parts of the brain were [...]

Cure your insomnia by getting a divorce and working at McDonald’s

So you thought that a happy marriage and a well paying job would cure your sleepless nights, did you? Well, think again. According to research from Statistics Canada, single people get 24 minutes extra sleep compared to married couples or those in common-law unions. What's more, those who make $20,000 per [...]

Why you shouldn’t try to manufacture your own insomnia treatment

Sure, searching for that elusive cure can make you a little desperate - but whatever you do, don't try making your own insomnia medication in an attempt to cure your insomnia. Unfortunately our advice comes a little late for Ross Jorgensen; in March he became the first person in Queensland, [...]

Victoria Beckham can help cure your insomnia

We thought we'd end the week on a lighter note after a recent run of rather serious posts. Apparently, if you're looking for insomnia advice and you don't have access to a sympathetic doctor or a registered sleep clinic, Victoria Beckham is your best bet. Yes, according to stv, Dermot [...]