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insomnia news

Old people are the cause of insomnia!

An article from Herald Scotland tells us that it's the elderly that are causing insomnia (at least if you're a British politician). A more boring explanation of the article is that it is referring to the challenges an ageing population creates for governments in more economically developed countries. Just so [...]

Childhood insomnia

We've noticed an increasing number of stories coming out recently about childhood insomnia. We'll be honest here - we didn't know how big of an issue this was. By some accounts, it is estimated that up to 20% of young children have insomnia. If your child is having trouble sleeping [...]

The effectiveness of insomnia medication

We know that many of you dislike taking medication for insomnia (you've told us). We recently read that an insomnia drug, approved by the FDA, barely got through the approval process and in one trial it failed to reduce the number of patients with insomnia. The issue here is this: [...]

Insomnia: A symptom of a symptom?

Apparently, insomnia is a symptom - not a sleep disorder itself, but a symptom of a sleep disorder. Well, one symptom of this symptom is forgetfulness. Now, thanks to the heroic mice that 'volunteer' for medical studies a drug has been found that can counteract this memory loss. The most [...]

Insomnia even affected the Nazis

We couldn't help sharing this one. Apparently, Adolf Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, suffered with insomnia. A copy of his prescription from 1941 was recently sold at auction for £750. Make sure you keep hold of all your old prescriptions, then - who knows, one day they might be worth something. [...]