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Insomnia isn’t always a symptom, doesn’t always have a cause

I've always been uncomfortable describing insomnia exclusively as a symptom - simply because I know insomnia sufferers who have spent years trying to figure out the root cause of their insomnia without success. Now, two doctors from the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx recently addressed [...]

Vacations may be a cause of insomnia

We regularly hear about stress and anxiety being causes of insomnia - so taking a vacation may sound like the perfect insomnia cure. Don't count on it, though! According to a report over at CBS Denver,  47% of Americans come back from vacation feeling as if they never left. What's [...]

New insomnia cause, new insomnia cure?

Health News Digest recently reported on research published by the journal Biological Psychiatry that identified a new insomnia cause. Cytokines - products of our immune systems - may be to blame for our insomnia. In the study, patients with Hepatitis C were exposed to doses of cytokine, which activates the [...]

If you have insomnia, your brain probably looks different

As reported by Science Daily, a new study of insomniacs found that the brains of insomnia patients functioned differently (no real surprise if they're starved of sleep) and looked different. The study found that the gray matter in certain regions of the brain had a reduced density in insomnia sufferers. [...]

Insomnia linked to traumatic brain injuries

Researchers from Monash University's School of Psychology and Psychiatry recently measured the sleep of 23 patients with traumatic brain injury against 23 individuals who had not suffered such trauma. The results were recently posted over at Science Alert - patients with traumatic brain injury showed increased sleep disturbance and poorer sleep [...]

Doctors overeager to prescribe insomnia medication

According to an article recently published in MedPage Today, nearly three quarters of surveyed physicians wrote prescriptions for sleep medication as their primary course of insomnia treatment - even though many treatment guidelines recommend nonpharmacologic interventions (such as cognitive therapy, stress reduction therapy and sleep hygiene education) first. I wasn't [...]