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insomnia prevalence

If insomnia is so inexpensive to treat, why is it still so prevalent?

I've long suspected that insomnia is often ignored by the medical profession since treatment is often billed under a psychological code which pays poorly (compared to sleep apnea which normally costs around $10,000 to treat and is usually fully covered by insurance). I recently came across an article confirming my [...]

Women sleep better than men, but more likely to suffer from insomnia

We already know that insomnia is more prevalent in women than men. Whether that's down to hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause or because women use their brains more, we don't yet know. That being said, I recently came across an article arguing that women actually sleep better than men, [...]

The prevalence of insomnia in Canada

We felt it was a day for some statistics; so we're sharing the findings from a recent report that looked at the sleep quality of Canadians. The research surveyed 2,000 individuals across the country and found that two out of five respondents reported one or more insomnia symptoms at least [...]

Insomnia sufferers less likely to seek healthcare, more likely to use it

OK, bear with us on this one. It may sound predictable, but a recent study found that those who suffer from a lack of sleep or a related problem are more likely to have had a healthcare visit within the past year (85% vs 59%). When compared to those without [...]

The most sleep deprived cities in America revealed

We already know that when it comes to insomnia, the USA is not equal. Now we can share not only the most sleep deprived states, but the most sleep deprived cities in the United States, thanks to a collaboration between The Daily Beast and Experian Simmons. Unfortunately we don't know [...]

Scotland is home to Britain’s worst sleepers

The Great British Sleep Survey currently shows that residents of Glasgow get the worst sleep in Britain. The survey is ongoing, so this may change. That being said, the previous leader was Aberdeen so it would appear that Scotland is home to the worst sleepers in Britain. We'd welcome your [...]