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Insomnia advice from an insomniac

One of the main reasons we started our insomnia help forums was to give insomnia sufferers a place to get genuine information, support and advice from people who know what they're going through - ie, other insomniacs. Therefore, we're particularly excited to share some insomnia advice we found from someone [...]

Not interested in sex? Blame the insomnia!

According to the Berman Center for Women's Sexual Health, sleep-deprived individuals lose interest in sex. This apparently happens because insomniacs start associating their bed with the stress and frustration of trying to fall asleep rather than rest and relaxation. That being said, they still recommend sex as an insomnia cure [...]

This pillow wants to cure your insomnia

Is it gimmick time again at Insomnia Land? You be the judge. The WizPill claims to help relieve insomnia with features such as bone conduction transducers, sleep-inducing sound waves, music therapy, oxygen therapy, and ergonomic design. Basically, the WizPill plays music through headphones, a conduction transducer, or an eye mask [...]

Recommended herbal teas for natural insomnia relief

When it comes to herbal remedies for insomnia, herbal tea is often mentioned as a natural insomnia cure. However, I often find chamomile claiming all the glory and knew there had to be more options out there. So, I went looking and here's what I found, courtesy of NYCTCM. Scallion [...]

Insomnia relief for menopausal women

We've written before about the link between menopause and insomnia - and today we've come across some advice for menopausal women struggling with sleep. Over at WomensDay, Christina Boufis tells us that bioidentical progesterone cream helps her feel sleepy. Unfortunately this cream doesn't help her stay asleep - for that she [...]

Tai Chi may cure your insomnia

An article from abc7 extolls the benefits of Tai Chi as an insomnia cure. Apparently the ancient meditative art focuses the mind and relieves stress. Once again, this insomnia cure assumes that the cause of your insomnia is stress and anxiety - which isn't always the case. That being said, there [...]