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Cure insomnia by depriving yourself of sleep

There's an interesting article over on ABC news that starts out talking about a traditional session of cognitive behavioral therapy and how it helped one insomnia sufferer. What was more interesting (to me at least) was the latter half of the article that outlined a more radical treatment. Dr Leon [...]

Talking therapy is just as effective as sleeping pills when treating insomnia

A new report from the British Association for Psychopharmacology has found that talking therapy such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy works just as well as prescription drugs when it comes to treating insomnia. The report goes on to say that talking therapy should be the first treatment doctors recommend and that [...]

Your insomnia medication may be damaging your brain

Some rather startling research has just been released concerning the use of anticholinergics - drugs that are frequently purchased over-the-counter as insomnia remedies. Anticholinergics are widely used and are sold under the brand names Benadryl, Dramamine, Exedrin PM, Nytrol, Sominex and Tylenol PM. As reported in the Chicago Tribune, a [...]

New insomnia cure helps you sleep like a baby

Remember when you were a baby and fell fast asleep as soon as you were gently rocked in your mother's arms? Well, you probably don't remember - but according to Philips SleepWave, the idea that this rocking motion sends us to sleep is solid. Their new insomnia device is attached [...]

Are pressure points the cause of your insomnia?

Shelterpop recently ran an article discussing how pressure points may be the reason for your tossing and turning at night. Apparently, sleeping surfaces that are too hard or 'unyielding' can create pressure points that make sleep difficult. We've written before about bed manufacturers waging war on insomnia but we're taking [...]

Insomnia sufferers should avoid daytime napping

Insomnia advice is often inconsistent. One specific piece of advice I often see recommended (and discouraged) is napping - so I was particularly keen to read a recent article from MSN Health & Fitness that specifically discusses whether napping is helpful or harmful. They came to the conclusion that if [...]