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What makes cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia so effective?

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (otherwise known as CBT for insomnia or CBT-i) is universally recognized as the most effective insomnia treatment. That's because CBT works by tackling the root cause of most cases of insomnia (incorrect thoughts and behaviors towards sleep). Researchers recently set out to determine which component [...]

Suffering from a lack of sleep? This amino acid wants to help

I feel bad. I've mentioned tryptophan in passing a few times, but I never really got to the bottom of what it is, or why insomniacs need to be aware of it. I'll correct that now. Tryptophan is an amino acid that works like a natural tranquilizer. It helps produce [...]

Could a Sleep Retreat help cure your insomnia?

Like many couples, Flic Everett and husband Simon Buckley had to sleep in separate beds due to Flic's insomnia and Simon's snoring. The move didn't help Flic's insomnia, so the couple decided to attend a Sleep Retreat run by Dr Guy Meadows, the founder of the London Insomnia Clinic. At the [...]

Improve the quality of your sleep by changing your sleeping position

I recently read an article over at YorktownPatch about a seminar for insomnia sufferers held by chiropractor Dr Chris Warden. It contains some interesting information, but what really caught my eye was the mention that your sleeping position could be affecting the quality of your sleep. Apparently, if you sleep [...]

Insomnia help for shift workers

People who work nights or irregular hours often struggle with sleep. Help is available without the use of sleep aids, though. Here are some tips, courtesy of the New York Times: Try to maintain a steady sleep-wake schedule seven days a week. This includes your days off. Commit yourself to [...]

A $60,000 bed probably won’t cure your insomnia

We've written about insomnia curing beds before (a number of times), but now we have even more news to share. For €9,000 (around $11,000) Panasonic in Japan will sell you the Restino - a bed that makes you so comfortable, it's almost impossible to stay awake. Similar to the Hôtel [...]